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24/7 Support: 03620-26755 / 0302-772144


The Church at a Glance

The Church is governed through four Courts (Art. 7 (2) EPCG Constitution 2020). It starts from, below, the Congregational Session, District Session, Presbytery Synod, and the General Assembly.

The Congregational Session is the government of the Local Congregation. It is made up of the Agents (Ministers and Catechists), Presbyters, and other members as provided for by Article 8(6) of the EPCG Constitution. The Agent-in-Charge chairs the Session meetings.

The District Session is the next Court. It consists of a number of Congregations in the Districts. It is led by a district minister. It deals with matters affecting the Congregations within the District. The functions of this court are provided for in Article 9(3).

The next Court is the Presbytery Synod. It is made up of members stipulated in Article 10(6a) of the EPCG constitution and its functions provided for by same in Article 10(8). It deals with matters affecting the districts in its jurisdiction.

The Church adopted the General Assembly (GA) concept in 2008 as against the Synod. The GA is a step above the Synod as the highest decision-making body of the Church. The GA formulates policies to be implemented by the Church.  There are two (2) broad distinguishing factors between the GA and the Synod.  Under the GA, the Presbyteries have higher level of autonomy than it was under the Synod system and representatives from the Presbyteries to the GA are designated as Commissioners and not as delegates as it was under the Synod structure.

The GA meets bi-annually to receive reports from the Presbyteries. In between Assemblies, the Church is managed by a General Assembly Executive Council (GAEC).  The GAEC also has a Standing Committee which meets regularly to deal with matters requiring attention between the meetings of the GAEC.

Furthermore, the administration of the Church is reorganized into Eleven Departments per Article 37 (4) of the Church’s 2020 constitution. These are Internal Audit, Finance, Programmes, Ecumenical and Social Relations, Department of Development, Environment and Relief, Department of Administration and Human Resource Management, Estate Department, Department of Music and Worship, Department of Mission and Evangelism, Department of Education, Department of Business Development.   Each Department has a Director who reports to the General Assembly through the Clerk of the General Assembly. The Departments coordinate the activities of the Committees in the Church.

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