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Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Bliss Divine Kofi Agbeko (Rtd.)

  • Moderator Of The General Assembly
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  • revbliss3dee@yahoo.co.uk

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Bliss Divine Kofi Agbeko (Rtd.) is the current Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPCG). He was inducted into office on January 10, 2021, succeeding the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Seth Agidi. He is the 15th Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana.


He was born in 1962 and was commissioned as a Minister on August 22, 1992.


Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Agbeko served in the Ghana Armed Forces as Head of Administration at the Directorate of Religious Affairs and as Chaplain in charge of various military camps and hospitals. He retired from the army in 2018.. He also served as the EPCG Synod Moderator for Meridian Presbytery and Acting Moderator of the General Assembly before his election as the Moderator. He was the immediate past District Pastor of EPCG Bethel, Accra Newtown.


He began his ministry as District Pastor at Mafi-Adidome in the Volta Region, where he served the church in that capacity from 1992 to 1994. He pastured the Abeka District of the EPCG in Accra from 1994 to 1998 and then worked as Chaplain at the Garrison Methodist Presbyterian Church (GMPC) at Burma Camp in Accra. He enlisted into the Ghana Armed Forces officer corps and was commissioned on August 20, 1999, as a Lieutenant.

 After commissioning, he continued to serve at the GMPC until September 2000, when he was assigned to the 6 Garrison Tamale (comprising 6 Battalion at Kamina Barracks, Airborne Force, and the Airforce co-related at Bawah Barracks) as Chaplain. In 2005, he was assigned the role of Administrative Officer at the Directorate of Religious Affairs, Burma Camp, and Chaplain at GMPC until 2006, when he took up the duties of Chaplain at the 37 Military Hospital and Methodist Presbyterian Church at Negheli Barracks in Accra. Rev. Dr Agbeko served the 37 Military Hospital until 2016 when he was re-assigned to the Military Academy and Training School and the Teshie Camp Methodist Presbyterian Church (TCMPC) as Chaplain, a position he held until 2018 when he retired from the military.

He served at various times as District Pastor of the Kisseman and Adentan Districts of the EPCG in Accra, after which he was appointed the pioneer Synod Moderator of the Meridian Presbytery of the church and served in that capacity from 2014 to 2019.


Before entering the priesthood, Rev. Dr. Agbeko worked as an Evangelist of the EPCG at Dambai (now in the Oti Region) from 1983 to 1986 and also as a farmhand at the EPCG Agricultural Resettlement Project during the same period.


His immense international experiences include Second Minister, First Presbyterian Church, PCUSA Greenwood, USA; Pastor/Fundraiser of Erskine Theological Seminary, USA; Hospital Staff Chaplain, Self-Regional Healthcare, Greenwood. In the military front, Rev. Dr Agbeko took part in United Nations (UN) Operations, MONUC GH 2, Peace Keeping in DR Congo in 2002; UN Operations, UNIFIL GH 10, Sierra Leone in 2004, UN Operations, UNIFIL GH 77, Lebanon 2013 and Liaison Officer, All African Conference of Military Chaplains, La Palm, Accra in 2013.


His publications include Biblical Theological and Psychological bases for Training Chaplains, Golden Principles for Self-Discovery, Improvement and Fulfilment, Pray But Pray Alright; and Evening Meal Divisional. In a chat with The Spectator, Rev. Dr. Agbeko disclosed that his father had always wanted him to become a lawyer, “but I also insisted that the Bible was a law book”.


He speaks Ewe, Twi, and English. He is the second native of Adaklu to lead the EPCG, many decades after the Very Reverend Andreas Aku from Adaklu-Waya served the church as its first Moderator, and left office in 1922.


Rt. Rev. Dr. Lt. Col. Agbeko is married to Mrs. Mercy Agbeko and they have four children.



He has a Doctorate Degree from Erskine Theological Seminary, USA, a Bachelor's Degree in Religion from the University of Ghana, Legon, a Diploma from the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, and a Certificate from the US Army Chaplaincy School at Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.